Real-time Volumetric Haptic and Visual Burrhole Simulation

13 years 6 months ago
Real-time Volumetric Haptic and Visual Burrhole Simulation
This paper describes real-time volumetric haptic and visual algorithms developed to simulate burrhole creation for a Virtual Realitybased craniotomy surgical simulator. A modified Voxmap pointshell algorithm [4, 7] is created to simulate haptic interactions between bone cutting tools and voxel-based bone. New surface boundary detection and force feedback calculation methods help reduce “force discontinuities” of the original Voxmap point-shell algorithm. To maintain stable haptic update rates, new forces are calculated outside the haptics rendering loop. A multi-rate haptic solution [2] is used to introduce calculated forces into the haptics loop and to interpolate forces between updates. A bone erosion method is also created to simulate bone drilling capabilities of different tools. 3D texture-based volume rendering is used to display the bone and to visually remove bone material due to drilling in real-time. Volumetric shading is computed by the GPU of the video card. The algor...
Eric Acosta, Alan Liu
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where VR
Authors Eric Acosta, Alan Liu
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