Reconfigurable Gang Scheduling Algorithm

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Reconfigurable Gang Scheduling Algorithm
 Using a single traditional gang scheduling algorithm cannot provide the best performance for all workloads and parallel architectures. A solution for this problem is the use of an algorithm that is capable of dynamically changing its form (configuration) into a more appropriate one, according to environment variations and user requirements. In this paper, we propose, implement and analyze the performance of a Reconfigurable Gang Scheduling Algorithm (RGSA) using simulation. The RGSA uses combinations of independent features that are often implemented in GSAs such as: packing and re-packing schemes (alternative scheduling etc.), multiprogramming levels etc. Ideally, the algorithm may assume infinite configurations and it reconfigures itself according to entry parameters such as: performance metrics (mean utilization, mean jobs response time etc.) and workload characteristics (mean jobs execution time, mean parallelism degree of jobs etc.). Also ideally, a reconfiguration causes the ...
Luís Fabrício Wanderley Góes,
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Luís Fabrício Wanderley Góes, Carlos Augusto Paiva da Silva Martins
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