Reconfiguration of Resources in Middleware

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Reconfiguration of Resources in Middleware
: The monolithic and inflexible nature of current middleware has made it difficult to deal with emerging technologies such as multimedia. Since these applications have timeliness constraints, they are highly susceptible to dynamic and unexpected changes. Nowadays, the attempts to introduce more flexibility in middleware have not been addressed in a generic and principled way. We believe that reflection provides a principled means to achieve the flexibility and adaptation required. The main focus of this paper regards the reconfiguration of resources in middleware within the context of OpenORB, a reflective middleware architecture. A resource framework is presented which encompasses both a resource model and a task model. The resource management of the logical flow of component interactions is modeled within the task model. The resource model is then used to provide a representation of the physical resources whereby various f abstraction are offered. The conjunction of both models offer...
Hector A. Duran-Limon, Gordon S. Blair
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Updated 16 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2002
Authors Hector A. Duran-Limon, Gordon S. Blair
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