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Reducing latencies of pipelined cache accesses through set prediction

13 years 11 months ago
Reducing latencies of pipelined cache accesses through set prediction
With the increasing performance gap between the processor and the memory, the importance of caches is increasing for high performance processors. However, with reducing feature sizes and increasing clock speeds, cache access latencies are increasing. Designers pipeline the cache accesses to prevent the increasing latencies from affecting the cache throughput. Nevertheless, increasing latencies can degrade the performance significantly by delaying the execution of dependent instructions. In this paper, we investigate predicting the data cache set and the tag of the memory address as a means to reduce the effective cache access latency. In this technique, the predicted set is used to start the pipelined cache access in parallel to the memory address computation. We also propose a set-address adaptive predictor to improve the prediction accuracy of the data cache sets. Our studies found that using set prediction to reduce load-to-use latency can improve the overall performance of the pr...
Aneesh Aggarwal
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Aneesh Aggarwal
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