Reengineering the Booch Component Library

13 years 10 months ago
Reengineering the Booch Component Library
Component-based software development heavily relies on the ability of reusing components from a library with as little effort as possible. Among others, valuable features for reusing from a component are: adaptability to many contexts, extensibility, abstraction and high level of robustness with respect to changes in some of their components. In this paper we study one of the most widely used component library for Ada 95, the Grady Booch’s one, mainly in relation to these features. Our study focuses on the Container-classes family, which present some drawbacks mainly due to the fact that some parent-classes depend on the concrete form of their children-classes. We propose a solution centred on changing the Containers base class. This new version of the Containers class offers a new concept, namely shortcut, that allows not only to avoid the dependencies between parent-classes and their children classes, but also offers some additional advantages, remarkably improving the efficienc...
Jordi Marco, Xavier Franch
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Jordi Marco, Xavier Franch
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