Reflective Learning in Large Companies - can it work?

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Reflective Learning in Large Companies - can it work?
: A growing number of universities and companies are now becoming focused on promoting learning that is not merely instrumental. These aspirations refer to deep learning, transformational learning, critical learning, intentional learning, reflective learning and lifelong learning. Our primary goal is to present several ways in which lifelong reflective learning can be effectively and consciously promoted within large companies. The term reflection is used with two meanings. One would be the process by which an experience, in the form of thought, feeling or action is brought into consideration (while is happening or subsequently) and the other the creation of meaning and conceptualization from experience and the potentiality to look at things from another perspective (critical reflection). We propose the following solutions: modular classes, open engagement lectures, online live learning, virtual classrooms, action group learning, immersive e-learning applications, project-based e-learn...
Mihaela-Monica Vladoiu, Beatrice Matenciuc-Antones
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Type Conference
Year 2003
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Authors Mihaela-Monica Vladoiu, Beatrice Matenciuc-Antonescu
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