Relational queries over program traces

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Relational queries over program traces
Instrumenting programs with code to monitor runtime behavior is a common technique for profiling and debugging. In practice, instrumentation is either inserted manually by programmers, or automatically by specialized tools that monitor particular properties. We propose Program Trace Query Language (PTQL), a language based on relational queries over program traces, in which programmers can write expressive, declarative queries about program behavior. We also describe our compiler, PARTIQLE. Given a PTQL query and a Java program, PARTIQLE instruments the program to execute the query on-line. We apply several PTQL queries to a set of benchmark programs, including the Apache Tomcat Web server. Our queries reveal significant performance bugs in the jack SpecJVM98 benchmark, in Tomcat, and in the IBM Java class library, as well as some correct though uncomfortably subtle code in the Xerces XML parser. We present performance measurements demonstrating that our prototype system has usable p...
Simon Goldsmith, Robert O'Callahan, Alexander Aike
Added 28 Jun 2010
Updated 28 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Simon Goldsmith, Robert O'Callahan, Alexander Aiken
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