Relative Rank Statistics for Dialog Analysis

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Relative Rank Statistics for Dialog Analysis
We introduce the relative rank differential statistic which is a non-parametric approach to document and dialog analysis based on word frequency rank-statistics. We also present a simple method to establish semantic saliency in dialog, documents, and dialog segments using these word frequency rank statistics. Applications of our technique include the dynamic tracking of topic and semantic evolution in a dialog, topic detection, automatic generation of document tags, and new story or event detection in conversational speech and text. Our approach benefits from the robustness, simplicity and efficiency of non-parametric and rank based approaches and consistently outperformed term-frequency and TF-IDF cosine distance approaches in several experiments conducted. 1 Background Existing research in dialog analysis has focused on several specific problems including dialog act detection (e.g., Byron and Heeman 1998), segmentation and chunking (e.g., Hearst 1993), topic detection (e.g., Zimmerm...
Juan Huerta
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Juan Huerta
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