Reliable Communication in Overlay Networks

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Reliable Communication in Overlay Networks
Abstract— Reliable point-to-point communication is usually achieved in overlay networks by applying TCP/IP on the end nodes of a connection. This paper presents an hopby-hop reliability approach that considerably reduces the latency and jitter of reliable connections. Our approach is feasible and beneficial in overlay networks that do not have the scalability and interoperability requirements of the global Internet. The effects of the hop-by-hop reliability approach are quantified in simulation as well as in practice using a newly developed overlay network software that is fair with the external traffic on the Internet. The experimental results show that the overhead associated with overlay network processing at the application level does not play an important factor compared with the considerable gain of the approach.
Yair Amir, Claudiu Danilov
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where DSN
Authors Yair Amir, Claudiu Danilov
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