Replication in Ficus Distributed File Systems

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Replication in Ficus Distributed File Systems
Ficus is a replicated general ling environment for Unix intended to scale to very large nationwide networks. The system employs an optimistic one copy availability" model in which con icting updates to the le system's directory information are automatically reconciled, while con icting le updates are reliably detected and reported. The system architecture is based on a stackable layers methodology which permits a high degree of modularity and extensibility of le system services. This paper presents the motivations for replication and summarizesthe case for optimistic concurrency controlfor largescale distributed le systems. It presents a brief description of the Ficus le system and concludes with a number of outstanding issues which must be addressed. 1 Overview At UCLA, we have been working for some time on the design and development of an easily installed, replicated ling system that can be added to existing systems. Two fundamental characteristics of the work are its appr...
Gerald J. Popek, Richard G. Guy, Thomas W. Page Jr
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Updated 11 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1990
Where WMRD
Authors Gerald J. Popek, Richard G. Guy, Thomas W. Page Jr., John S. Heidemann
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