Rethinking cognitive architecture via graphical models

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Rethinking cognitive architecture via graphical models
Cognitive architectures need to resolve the diversity dilemma – i.e., to blend diversity and simplicity – in order to couple functionality and efficiency with integrability, extensibility and maintainability. Building diverse architectures upon a uniform implementation level of graphical models is an intriguing approach because of the homogeneous manner in which such models produce state-of-the-art algorithms spanning symbol, probability and signal processing. To explore this approach a hybrid (discrete and continuous) mixed (Boolean and Bayesian) version of the Soar architecture is being implemented via graphical models. Initial steps reported here begin to show the potential of such an approach for cognitive architecture.
Paul S. Rosenbloom
Added 13 May 2011
Updated 13 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Paul S. Rosenbloom
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