Retrieval Status Values in Information Retrieval Evaluation

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Retrieval Status Values in Information Retrieval Evaluation
Retrieval systems rank documents according to their retrieval status values (RSV) if these are monotonously increasing with the probability of relevance of documents. In this work, we investigate the links between RSVs and IR system evaluation. 1 IR Evaluation and Relevance Kagolovsk et al [1] realised a detailed survey of main IR works on evaluation. Relevance was always the main concept for IR Evaluation. Many works studied the relevance issue. Saracevic [2] proposed a framework for classifying the various notions of relevance. Some other works proposed some definitions and formalizations of relevance. All these works and many others suggest that there is no single relevance: relevance is a complex social and cognitive phenomenon [3]. Because of the collections growth nowadays, relevance judgements can not be complete and techniques like the pooling technique are used to collect a set of documents to be judged by human assessors. Some works investigated this technique, its limits an...
Amélie Imafouo, Xavier Tannier
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Amélie Imafouo, Xavier Tannier
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