Reuse in the application layer

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Reuse in the application layer
Today's advanced CASE tools, combining the building-block and generative approaches to software reuse, are effective for reuse of software components and procedures in the presentation layer and data layer of the three-layer model. There are no effective tools generally available, however, for reuse of application-layer components and procedures, which are usually too numerous and small for efficient reuse. Programmers therefore choose to transform existing specification sheets of the application layer manually with a 4GL, rather than actually reusing them. TableSpec [12] is a tool that generates source code automatically from free-format table specifications, and facilitates the reuse of application logic specifications in tables of the form and structure commonly used in business transactions and corporate operations. Such tables are themselves an expression of logical constructs and procedures, and specifications written in this form are familiar and readily understandable to ...
Hirotomo Okuno, Hideki Matsumoto, Hironori Asai, M
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Authors Hirotomo Okuno, Hideki Matsumoto, Hironori Asai, Mikiko Sakurai, Takao Nakayama
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