Robotic camera control for remote exploration

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Robotic camera control for remote exploration
A video stream from a single camera is often the foundation for situational awareness in teleoperation activities. Poor camera placement, narrow field-of-view and other camera properties can significantly impair the operator's perceptual link to the environment, inviting cognitive mistakes and general disorientation. This paper provides a brief overview of viewpoint control research for 3D virtual environments (VE) to motivate a user study that evaluates the effectiveness of viewpoint controls on a simulated robotic vehicle. Findings suggest that providing a camera that is controlled independently from the orientation of the vehicle may facilitate wayfinding tasks. Moreover, there is evidence to support the use of separate cameras and interfaces for different navigational subtasks Categories & Subject Descriptors: H5.m. Information interfaces and presentation : Miscellaneous. General Terms: Design, Experimentation, Human Factors. Keywords Robotics, Human-Robot interaction, ro...
Stephen B. Hughes, Michael Lewis
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CHI
Authors Stephen B. Hughes, Michael Lewis
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