Robotic Orientation towards Speaker for Human-Robot Interaction

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Robotic Orientation towards Speaker for Human-Robot Interaction
Abstract. The orientation of conversational robots to face their interlocutors is essential for natural and efficient Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). In this paper, progress towards this objective is presented: a service robot able to detect the direction of a user, and orient itself towards him/her, in a complex auditive environment, using only voice and a 3microphone system. This functionality is integrated within Spoken HRI using dialogue models and a cognitive architecture. The paper further discusses applications where robotic orientation benefits HRI, such as a tour-guide robot capable to guide a poster session and a “Marco Polo” game where a robot aims to follow a user purely by sound.
Caleb Rascón, Héctor H. Avilé
Added 25 Jan 2011
Updated 25 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Caleb Rascón, Héctor H. Avilés, Luis Alberto Pineda
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