Rule-Based Generation of XML Schemas from UML Class Diagrams

13 years 5 months ago
Rule-Based Generation of XML Schemas from UML Class Diagrams
We present an approach of how to automatically extract an XML document structure from a conceptual data model that describes the content of the document. We use UML class diagrams as the conceptual model that can be represented in XML syntax (XMI). The algorithm we present in the paper is implemented as a set of rules using XSLT stylesheets that transform the UML class diagram into an adequate XML Schema definition language (XSD). The generation of the XML Schema from the semantic model corresponds with the logical XML database design based on the fact that the XML Schema is the database schema description. Therefore we discuss many semantic issues and how to express them in XML Schema to minimize the loss of information. 1 Motivation Conceptual modeling of information is a widely accepted method of database design. It improves the quality of the databases, supports an early recognition of design errors and reduces the cost of the development process. Analogous to the relational databa...
Tobias Krumbein, Thomas Kudrass
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where BXML
Authors Tobias Krumbein, Thomas Kudrass
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