Sampling Bounds for Stochastic Optimization

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Sampling Bounds for Stochastic Optimization
A large class of stochastic optimization problems can be modeled as minimizing an objective function f that depends on a choice of a vector x ∈ X, as well as on a random external parameter ω ∈ Ω given by a probability distribution π. The value of the objective function is a random variable and often the goal is to find an x ∈ X to minimize the expected cost Eω[fω(x)]. Each ω is referred to as a scenario. We consider the case when Ω is large or infinite and we are allowed to sample from π in a black-box fashion. A common method, known as the SAA method (sample average approximation), is to pick sufficiently many independent samples from π and use them to approximate π and correspondingly Eω[fω(x)]. This is one of several scenario reduction methods used in practice. There has been substantial recent interest in two-stage stochastic versions of combinatorial optimization problems which can be modeled by the framework described above. In particular, we are interested ...
Moses Charikar, Chandra Chekuri, Martin Pál
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Moses Charikar, Chandra Chekuri, Martin Pál
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