Scalable and Robust Internetwork Routing for Mobile Hosts

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Scalable and Robust Internetwork Routing for Mobile Hosts
new addressmust be edited into various configurationfiles. Thispaper describes a new protocol for transparently routing packets to mobile hosts operating in a large internetwork. Theprotocol, called the Mobile Host Routing Protocol (MHRP),allows any host to become mobile at any time, yet there is no penaltyfor a host being "mobilecapable," since the protocol automaticallyuses only the standard internetwork routingmechanismsand addsno overhead when a mobile host is currently connected to its home network. The paper concentrates on the design of MHRP as it applies to the Internet using IP. Mobile hosts use only their "home'' IP addresses, regardless of their current location in the Internet. No changes are required in stationary hosts that communicate with mobile hosts, and no changes are required in mobile hosts above the IP level. MHRP introduces several newfeatures to provide better robustnessfor routing to mobile hosts, and provides better scalability to very...
David B. Johnson
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Authors David B. Johnson
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