Scalable Resilient Overlay Networks Using Destination-Guided Detouring

13 years 12 months ago
Scalable Resilient Overlay Networks Using Destination-Guided Detouring
— Routing policies used in the Internet tend to be restrictive limiting communication between source-destination pairs to one route, when often better alternates exist. To avoid route flapping, recovery mechanisms may be dampened, making adaptation slow. Unstructured overlays have been widely used to mitigate the issues of path and performance failures in the Internet by routing through alternate paths via overlay peers. The construction of such routing overlays often does not take into account the physical topology of the network which necessitates that all overlay nodes use aggressive online algorithms for endto-end path discovery, limiting scalability. In this paper, we analyze a topologically-aware architecture to estimate end-to-end path availability for service on Internet. We propose DestinationGuided Detouring via Resilient Overlay Network (DG-RON); a distributed coordinate based overlay architecture, which uses landmark based heuristics for scalable end-to-end path discovery...
Sameer Qazi, Tim Moors
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICC
Authors Sameer Qazi, Tim Moors
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