A SCOOPP Evaluation on Packing Parallel Objects in Run-Time

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A SCOOPP Evaluation on Packing Parallel Objects in Run-Time
The SCOOPP (Scalable Object Oriented Parallel Programming) system is an hybrid compile and run-time system. SCOOPP dynamically scales OO applications on a wide range of target platforms, including a novel feature to perform a run-time packing of excess parallel tasks. This communication details the methodology and policies to pack parallel objects into grains and method calls into messages. The SCOOPP evaluation focus on a pipelined parallel algorithm - the Eratosthenes sieve - which may dynamically generate a large number of fine-grained parallel tasks and messages. This case study shows how the parallelism grain-size - both computational and communication - has a strong impact on performance and on the programmer burden. The presented performance results show that the SCOOPP methodology is feasible and the proposed policies achieve efficient portability results across several target platforms.
João Luís Sobral, Alberto José
Added 26 Aug 2010
Updated 26 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors João Luís Sobral, Alberto José Proença
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