Screening the parameters affecting heuristic performance

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Screening the parameters affecting heuristic performance
This research screens the tuning parameters of a combinatorial optimization heuristic. Specifically, it presents a Design of Experiments (DOE) approach that uses a Fractional Factorial Design to screen the tuning parameters of Ant Colony System (ACS) for the Travelling Salesperson problem. Screening is a preliminary step to building a Response Surface Model (RSM) [20, 18]. It identifies those parameters that need not be included in a Response Surface Model, thus reducing the complexity and expense of the RSM design. 10 algorithm parameters and 2 problem characteristics are considered. Open questions on the effect of 3 parameters on performance are answered. Ant placement and choice of ant for pheromone update have no effect. However, the choice of parallel or sequential solution construction does indeed influence performance. A further parameter, sometimes assumed important, was shown to have no effect on performance. A new problem characteristic that effects performance was id...
Enda Ridge, Daniel Kudenko
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Enda Ridge, Daniel Kudenko
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