Search in social networks with access control

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Search in social networks with access control
More and more important data is accumulated inside social networks. Limiting the flow of private information across a social network is very important, and most social networks provide sophisticated privacy settings to control this flow. Creating such extensive access control knobs makes the search for content a hard problem since each user sees a unique subset of all the data. In this work, we take a first step at integrating access control based on a social network in a search system. We describe a set of solutions to the problem, including what indexes to construct and how to filter out inaccessible results. An experimental analysis illustrates the tradeoffs of the various strategies, and we point out a set of interesting future research directions in this area. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.3.4 [Information Systems]: Systems and Software-Performance evaluation General Terms Performance, Security, Experimentation Keywords Social Networks, Search, Access Control
Truls Amundsen Bjørklund, Michaela Göt
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Truls Amundsen Bjørklund, Michaela Götz, Johannes Gehrke
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