Secure Monitoring of Service Level Agreements

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Secure Monitoring of Service Level Agreements
—Service Level Agreements (SLA) are commonly used to define terms and conditions of service provisioning. WS-Agreement1 is an SLA specification that addresses the need of both producers and consumers of services to specify and negotiate terms and conditions of access to these services. This specification has gained wide acceptance in both the Grid computing and Web Services communities. WS-Agreement includes support for both negotiating and specifying penalties that arise from violation of these terms and conditions. It does not, however, include support for monitoring these agreements to determine if any such violations have occurred and, if so, determining which parties are responsible. This paper proposes a framework and design for secure and reliable monitoring of WS-Agreement specified SLAs. Modifications to WS-Agreement are necessary for effective monitoring. These modifications are outlined, along with an implementation of the framework in the AgentScape middleware syste...
K. P. Clark, Martijn Warnier, Frances M. T. Brazie
Added 17 May 2010
Updated 17 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors K. P. Clark, Martijn Warnier, Frances M. T. Brazier, Thomas B. Quillinan
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