Secure Multi-Party Sorting and Applications

11 years 11 months ago
Secure Multi-Party Sorting and Applications
Sorting is among the most fundamental and well-studied problems within computer science and a core step of many algorithms. In this article, we consider the problem of constructing a secure multi-party computing (MPC) protocol for sorting, building on previous results in the field of sorting networks. Apart from the immediate uses for sorting, our protocol can be used as a building-block in more complex algorithms. We present a weighted set intersection algorithm, where each party inputs a set of weighted elements and the output consists of the input elements with their weights summed. As a practical example, we apply our protocols in a network security setting for aggregation of security incident reports from multiple reporters, specifically to detect stealthy port scans in a distributed but privacy preserving manner. Both sorting and weighted set intersection use O ` n log2 n ´ comparisons in O ` log2 n ´ rounds with practical constants. Our protocols can be built upon any secret...
Kristján Valur Jónsson, Gunnar Kreit
Added 23 Dec 2011
Updated 23 Dec 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where IACR
Authors Kristján Valur Jónsson, Gunnar Kreitz, Misbah Uddin
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