Security Patterns and Secure Systems Design

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Security Patterns and Secure Systems Design
Analysis and design patterns are well established as a convenient and reusable way to build high-quality object-oriented software. Patterns combine experience and good practices to develop basic models that can be used for new designs. Security patterns join the extensive knowledge accumulated about security with the structure provided by patterns to provide guidelines for secure system design and evaluation. A variety of security patterns has been developed for the construction of secure systems. These patterns include Authentication, Authorization, Role-based Access Control, Firewalls, Protected Execution Environment, and others. These patterns can be combined to build more complex architectures such as Single-Sign-On architectures, web services authorization, authorized applications, and others. We can apply these patterns through a secure system development method that uses different mechanisms based on a hierarchical architecture whose layers define the scope of each security mec...
Eduardo B. Fernández
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Year 2007
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