A Self-Tuning Configurable Cache

14 years 7 months ago
A Self-Tuning Configurable Cache
The memory hierarchy of a system can consume up to 50% of microprocessor system power. Previous work has shown that tuning a configurable cache to a particular application can reduce memory subsystem energy by 62% on average. We introduce a self-tuning cache that performs transparent runtime cache tuning, thus relieving the application designer and/or compiler from predetermining an application's cache configuration. The self-tuning cache applies tuning at a determined tuning interval. A good interval balances tuning process energy overhead against the energy overhead of running in a sub-optimal cache configuration, which we show wastes much energy. We present a self-tuning cache that dynamically varies the tuning interval, resulting in average energy reduction of as much as 29%, and within 11% of the energy savings of an optimal self-tuner tuning at ? of the phase interval and within 13% of the oracle. Categories and Subject Descriptors B.3 [Memory Structures]: Performance Analy...
Ann Gordon-Ross, Frank Vahid
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where DAC
Authors Ann Gordon-Ross, Frank Vahid
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