Semantic Learning Content Management System

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Semantic Learning Content Management System
Building semantics concepts into the learning tools and utilities will open the road for the next generation of the Learning Content Management System (LCMS). We propose here to name this new learning environment the Semantic LCMS. This paper presents some reflections about how the semantic kernel of an SLCMS could be viewed. This semantic kernel is in close relation with a set of primitive rules and a specified query language but also with available database resources written in RDF. The authors concentrate on Learning Object Metadata (LOM) in the context of this new e-Learning environment. KEYWORDS LOM, RDF, Rules, Semantic Learning Content Management System (SLCMS), Semantic Web, SPARQL
Radu Balog-Crisan, Ioan Roxin
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Radu Balog-Crisan, Ioan Roxin
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