A Semantic Web Mediation Architecture

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A Semantic Web Mediation Architecture
Abstract. Heterogeneity is an inherent characteristic of open and distributed environments like the Internet that can hamper Web resources and Web services from successful interoperation. Mediation can be used to resolve these issues, which are critical problems in the Semantic Web. Appropriate technologies for mediation need to cover two aspects: first, techniques for handling the different kinds of heterogeneity that can occur between Web resources, and secondly logical components that connect resources and apply required mediation technique along with invocation and execution facilities. This paper presents an integrated model for mediation on the Semantic Web with special attention to Semantic Web services that is developed around the Web Service Modeling Ontology WSMO. Covering both dimensions, we explain the techniques developed for handling different types of heterogeneity as well as the components and architecture for establishing interoperability on the Semantic Web if not giv...
Michael Stollberg, Emilia Cimpian, Adrian Mocan, D
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Michael Stollberg, Emilia Cimpian, Adrian Mocan, Dieter Fensel
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