On the Semantics of Petri Nets

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On the Semantics of Petri Nets
Petri Place/Transition (PT) nets are one of the most widely used models of concurrency. However, they still lack, in our view, a satisfactory semantics: on the one hand the "token too intensional, even in its more abstract interpretations in term of nonsequential processes and monoidal categories; on the other hand, Winskel's basic unfolding construction, which provides a coreflection between nets and finitary prime algebraic domains, works only for safe nets. In this paper we extend Winskel's result to PT nets. We start with a rather general category PTNets of PT nets, we introduce a category DecOcc of decorated (nondeterministic) occurrence nets and we define adjunctions between PTNets and DecOcc and between DecOcc and Occ, the category of occurrence nets. The role of DecOcc is to provide natural unfoldings for PT nets, i.e. acyclic safe nets where a notion of family is used for relating multiple instances of the same place. The unfolding functor from PTNets to Occ re...
José Meseguer, Ugo Montanari, Vladimiro Sas
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Type Conference
Year 1992
Authors José Meseguer, Ugo Montanari, Vladimiro Sassone
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