Semi-online scheduling with "end of sequence" information

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Semi-online scheduling with "end of sequence" information
We study a variant of classical scheduling, which is called scheduling with “end of sequence” information. It is known in advance that the last job has the longest processing time. Moreover, the last job is marked, and thus it is known for every new job whether it is the final job of the sequence. We explore this model on two uniformly related machines, that is, two machines with possibly different speeds. Two objectives are considered, maximizing the minimum completion time and minimizing the maximum completion time (makespan). Let s be the speed ratio between the two machines, we consider the competitive ratios which are possible to achieve for the two problems as functions of s. We present algorithms for different values of s and lower bounds on the competitive ratio. The proposed algorithms are best possible for a wide range of values of s. For the overall competitive ratio, we show tight bounds
Leah Epstein, Deshi Ye
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where JCO
Authors Leah Epstein, Deshi Ye
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