Senslets- Applets for the Sensor Internet

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Senslets- Applets for the Sensor Internet
The Sensor Internet provides access to sensor services by connecting sensor nodes to the Internet infrastructure. To achieve this, current solutions rely on fixed access points or gateway systems, which typically imply considerable overhead for installation and maintenance. As a solution to this problem, we have implemented an application framework that allows mobile devices and stationary computers to interact with sensor nodes in an ad hoc fashion. Our work is based on small programs called Senslets that are dynamically downloaded from sensor nodes to mobile devices, where they are hosted and executed. Senslets contain the application-level protocols for communicating with sensor nodes and can forward sensory data to the Internet by using the communication interfaces of the hosting device. Senslets also exploit the memory and processing capabilities of the hosting devices to provide better services. In this demo, we present two example applications that have been developed using our ...
Frank Siegemund, Muhammad Haroon, Junaid Ansari, P
Added 01 Jun 2010
Updated 01 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where WCNC
Authors Frank Siegemund, Muhammad Haroon, Junaid Ansari, Petri Mähönen
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