SEPIA: A Cooperative Hypermedia Authoring Environment

13 years 9 months ago
SEPIA: A Cooperative Hypermedia Authoring Environment
In this paper, we report about the design, development, and implementation of the SEPIA cooperative hypermedia authoring environment. It provides results on the following aspects of SEPIA: persistent and shared data storage, hypermedia data model with composites, sophisticated and comprehensive authoring functionality, support for a new rhetoric and for cooperative work. We start by identifying the challenge of hypermedia authoring and production which serves as the driving force for our development. Using interacting problem spaces as thevehicleformodellingthedynamicaspectsofauthoring, we arrive at a set of requirements answered by the conceptof"activityspaces".Thedesign ofcoherenthyperdocuments is facilitated by our "construction kit". Furthermore, we describe the extensions and modifications necessary to support multiple authors with the cooperative version of SEPIA. The central issue of the paper is the system architecture and its implementation. We describe th...
Norbert A. Streitz, Jörg M. Haake, Jörg
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Type Conference
Year 1992
Where ECHT
Authors Norbert A. Streitz, Jörg M. Haake, Jörg Hannemann, Andreas C. Lemke, Wolfgang Schuler, Helge Schütt, Manfred Thüring
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