Service Graphs for Building Trust

13 years 3 months ago
Service Graphs for Building Trust
Information systems must establish trust to cooperate effectively in open environments. We are developing an agent-based approach for establishing trust, where information systems are modeled as agents that provide and consume services. Agents can help each other find trustworthy parties by providing referrals to those that they trust. We propose a graph-based representation of services for modeling the trustworthiness of agents. This representation captures natural relationships among service domains and provides a simple means to accommodate the accrual of trust placed in a given party. When interpreted as a lattice, it enables less important services (e.g., low-value transactions) to be used as gates to more important services (e.g., high-value transactions). We first show that, where applicable, this approach yields superior efficiency (needs fewer messages) and effectiveness (finds more providers) than a vector representation that does not capture the relationships between service...
Pinar Yolum, Munindar P. Singh
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Updated 20 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Pinar Yolum, Munindar P. Singh
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