Shaping the Ambience of Homes with Domestic Hypermedia

14 years 18 days ago
Shaping the Ambience of Homes with Domestic Hypermedia
We currently witness a massive digitization of domestic materials e.g. photos, music, calendars, recipes, notes, messages. This digitization provides new conditions for how we interact with materials as well as how users shape the ambience of their homes. Observing the qualities of physical materials in the home, the process of digitization risks loosing the qualities of the spatial distribution, the aesthetics, and common reference points offered by physical materials and places in the home. We present a concept of domestic hypermedia (DoHM), which exploits potentials of digital materials and at the same time allow people to interact with digital materials in engaging ways providing rich experiences when organizing and using digital materials in homes. We present an infrastructure and design concepts that offer: ambient access to digital materials, common reference points, and collective experiences. Keywords Ubiquitous hypermedia, domestic technology, augmented reality, context aware...
Marianne Graves Petersen, Kaj Grønbæk
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Marianne Graves Petersen, Kaj Grønbæk
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