Sharing digital photographs in the home by tagging memorabilia

14 years 6 months ago
Sharing digital photographs in the home by tagging memorabilia
Abstract Within the home, digital photos lack the physical affordances that make collocated photo-sharing easy and opportunistic. Family members have difficulty accessing the personal accounts of the photo organizer, navigating to these photos, or finding the desired ones within the vast number of photos stored on disk. Viewing photos on a standard PC screen is also awkward due to crowding. To promote in-home photo sharing, we designed Souvenirs, an RFID-based system that lets people quickly link digital photo sets to physical memorabilia. These memorabilia trigger memories and serve as social instruments; a person can enrich their story-telling by moving the physical memorabilia close to their large-format television screen, and the associated photos are immediately displayed. A person can also bring a mobile device near memorabilia: the photos appear on that display. Through pick and drop, a person can also transfer the photo display from the mobile device to the large screen for eas...
Saul Greenberg, Michael Nunes
Added 24 Nov 2009
Updated 24 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CHI
Authors Saul Greenberg, Michael Nunes
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