Sharp Feature Detection in Point Clouds

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Sharp Feature Detection in Point Clouds
—This paper presents a new technique for detecting sharp features on point-sampled geometry. Sharp features of different nature and possessing angles varying from obtuse to acute can be identified without any user interaction. The algorithm works directly on the point cloud, no surface reconstruction is needed. Given an unstructured point cloud, our method first computes a Gauss map clustering on local neighborhoods in order to discard all points which are unlikely to belong to a sharp feature. As usual, a global sensitivity parameter is used in this stage. In a second stage, the remaining feature candidates undergo a more precise iterative selection process. Central to our method is the automatic computation of an adaptive sensitivity parameter, increasing significantly the reliability and making the identification more robust in the presence of obtuse and acute angles. The algorithm is fast and does not depend on the sampling resolution, since it is based on a local neighbor gr...
Christopher Weber, Stefanie Hahmann, Hans Hagen
Added 30 Jan 2011
Updated 30 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where SMI
Authors Christopher Weber, Stefanie Hahmann, Hans Hagen
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