Simone: large scale train network simulations

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Simone: large scale train network simulations
This paper describes the architecture and potentials of Simone. Simone is a simulation environment to generate, simulate and analyze complex and large scale train networks. The purpose of Simone is to (1) assess the robustness of timetables; (2) determine the stability of the network; analyze causes and effects of delays; (3) improve timetables, by determining the relations between design standards and robustness of the timetable; (4) detect and quantify bottlenecks in a train network and (5) quantify delays for different lay-outs of railway infrastructures A strong feature of Simone is the ability to automatically generate ready-to-use network simulation models from databases. First, the concepts are described, then two case studies are presented. Last, the paper ends with a short evaluation of the use up till now and forthcoming developments for Simone.
Dick Middelkoop, Michiel Bouwman
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where WSC
Authors Dick Middelkoop, Michiel Bouwman
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