Simplified Voronoi Diagrams

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Simplified Voronoi Diagrams
We are interested in Voronoi diagrams as a tool in robot path planning, where the search for a path in an r-dimensional space may be simplified to a search on an (r- l)-dimensional Voronoi diagram. We define a Voronoi diagram V based on a measure of distance which is not a true metric. This formulation has lower algebraic complexity than the usual definition, which is a considerable advantage in motion-planning problems with many degrees of freedom. In its simplest form, the measure of distance between a point and a polytopc is the maximum of the distances of the point from the half-spaces which pass through faces of the polytope. More generally, the measure is defined in configuration spaces which represent rotation. The Voronoi diagram defined using this distance measure is no longer a strong deformation retract of free space, but it has the following useful property: any path through free space which starts and ends on the diagram can be continuously deformed so that it lies entirel...
John F. Canny, Bruce Randall Donald
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Type Conference
Year 1987
Authors John F. Canny, Bruce Randall Donald
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