Situation Assessment for Plan Retrieval in Real-Time Strategy Games

13 years 1 months ago
Situation Assessment for Plan Retrieval in Real-Time Strategy Games
Case-Based Planning (CBP) is an effective technique for solving planning problems that has the potential to reduce the computational complexity of the generative planning approaches [8, 3]. However, the success of plan execution using CBP depends highly on the selection of a correct plan; especially when the case-base of plans is extensive. In this paper we introduce the concept of a situation and explain a situation assessment algorithm which improves plan retrieval for CBP. We have applied situation assessment to our previous CBP system, Darmok [11], in the domain of real-time strategy games. During Darmok's execution using situation assessment, the high-level representation of the game state i.e. situation is predicted using a decision tree based SituationClassification model. Situation predicted is further used for the selection of relevant knowledge intensive features, which are derived from the basic representation of the game state, to compute the similarity of cases with t...
Kinshuk Mishra, Santiago Ontañón, As
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Kinshuk Mishra, Santiago Ontañón, Ashwin Ram
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