Slicing through the Scientific Literature

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Slicing through the Scientific Literature
Abstract. Success in the life sciences depends on access to information in knowledge bases and literature. Finding and extracting the relevant information depends on a user's domain knowledge and the knowledge of the search technology. In this paper we present a system that helps users formulate queries and search the scientific literature. The system coordinates ontologies, knowledge representation, text mining and NLP techniques to generate relevant queries in response to keyword input from the user. Queries are presented in natural language, translated to formal query syntax and issued to a knowledge base of scientific literature, documents or aligned document segments. We describe the components of the system and exemplify using real-world examples. This is a preprint of the paper published by Springer-Verlag: Baker C, Lambrix P, Laurila Bergman J, Kanagasabai R, Ang WT, Slicing through the scientific literature, Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Data Integratio...
Christopher J. O. Baker, Patrick Lambrix, Jonas La
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Type Journal
Year 2009
Where DILS
Authors Christopher J. O. Baker, Patrick Lambrix, Jonas Laurila Bergman, Kanagasabai Rajaraman, Wee Tiong Ang
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