Social navigation: from the web to the mobile

13 years 5 months ago
Social navigation: from the web to the mobile
Social navigation is the alternative way of looking upon navigation in the virtual world: e g instead of navigating the web by maps and hierarchies and search engines, you would navigate it by where others have gone before you. There are several examples of where this has been successfully employed, such as recommending books by how popular they are with respect to what you and others like you have chosen in the past. Social navigation was inspired by how people navigate the real world. Now, with the development of mobile technology, we are taking the concept back into the real world: what happens when we overlay the real world with virtual traces of where others have gone before us? Can we enhance social navigation in the real world through merging it with the virtual? Social Navigation The term navigation conjures up images of maps, compasses and guidebooks. These may be things we use to get around from time to time, but are they how we usually find our way? When people n...
Kristina Höök
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