A software architecture for physical layer wireless network emulation

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A software architecture for physical layer wireless network emulation
Despite their widespread deployment, many aspects of wireless network performance are poorly understood, and there is great room from improvement in wireless network reliability and performance. A key obstacle to understanding and improving wireless networks has been the lack of a realistic yet flexible experimental methodology. Physical layer wireless network emulation promises to achieve much of the flexibility of wireless simulators while maintaining much of the realism of real wireless networks. We have developed a software architecture that tames the complexity of physical layer wireless network emulation, and presents users with a powerful yet ease-to-use interface. We present several case studies showing how this software architecture allows complex wireless experiments to be conducted in an efficient manner while still enabling novice users to quickly run simple experiments. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.2 [Computer Systems Organization]: Computer-computer Communicat...
Glenn Judd, Peter Steenkiste
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Glenn Judd, Peter Steenkiste
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