Spatially Distributed Normative Infrastructure

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Spatially Distributed Normative Infrastructure
Abstract. In previous works we have presented a model to describe and simulate environment for situated multi-agent systems, that we called ELMS. Here, we present an extensions to our model that provide means to have normative information distributed in the environment. Organisational structures for multi-agent systems are usually defined independently of any spatial or temporal structure. Therefore, when the multi-agent system is situated in a spatial environment, there is usually a conceptual gap between the definition of the system's organisational structures and the definition of the environment. Spatially distributing the normative information over the environment is a natural way to simplify the definition of organisational structures and the development of large-scale multi-agent systems. By distributing the normative information in different spatial locations, we allow agents to directly access the relevant information needed in each environmental context. The extensions t...
Fabio Y. Okuyama, Rafael H. Bordini, Antônio
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where E4MAS
Authors Fabio Y. Okuyama, Rafael H. Bordini, Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa
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