Spectral mesh processing

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Spectral mesh processing
Spectral methods for mesh processing and analysis rely on the eigenvalues, eigenvectors, or eigenspace projections derived from appropriately defined mesh operators to carry out desired tasks. Early work in this area can be traced back to the seminal paper by Taubin in 1995, where spectral analysis of mesh geometry based on a combinatorial Laplacian aids our understanding of the low-pass filtering approach to mesh smoothing. Over the past fifteen years, the list of applications in the area of geometry processing which utilize the eigenstructures of a variety of mesh operators in different manners have been growing steadily. Many works presented so far draw parallels from developments in fields such as graph theory, computer vision, machine learning, graph drawing, numerical linear algebra, and high-performance computing. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive survey on the spectral approach, focusing on its power and versatility in solving geometry processing problems and atte...
Bruno Lévy, Hao Zhang 0002
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