The SPIF Project

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The SPIF Project
This paper introduces the current developments of the SPIF (Syst`eme de Prototypage `a Implantation rapide et Faible coˆut) project. The goal of SPIF is to provide a low cost environment for quick prototyping of embedded distributed real-time applications. The hardware platform is built with reusable, standard off-the-shelf components. SPIF is the name of the testbed itself, a mobile autonomous robot controlled by an embedded real-time system, SPIF-OS. Ada95 is supported as an high level efficient tool to engineer real-time embedded software. Ada95 extends the original model by providing distribution capabilities. Both hardware and software have been developed at the ENST Computer Science Department.
Bertrand Dupouy, Olivier Hainque, Laurent Pautet,
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Bertrand Dupouy, Olivier Hainque, Laurent Pautet, Samuel Tardieu
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