Splatting Without the Blur

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Splatting Without the Blur
Splatting is a volume rendering algorithm that combines efficient volume projection with a sparse data representation: Only voxels that have values inside the iso-range need to be considered, and these voxels can be projected via efficient rasterization schemes. In splatting, each projected voxel is represented as a radially symmetric interpolation kernel, equivalent to a fuzzy ball. Projecting such a basis function leaves a fuzzy impression, called a footprint or splat, on the screen. Splatting traditionally classifies and shades the voxels prior to projection, and thus each voxel footprint is weighted by the assigned voxel color and opacity. Projecting these fuzzy color balls provides a uniform screen image for homogeneous object regions, but leads to a blurry appearance of object edges. The latter is clearly undesirable, especially when the view is zoomed on the object. In this work, we manipulate the rendering pipeline of splatting by performing the classification and shading proc...
Klaus Mueller, Torsten Möller, Roger Crawfis
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Updated 04 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Klaus Mueller, Torsten Möller, Roger Crawfis
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