Sports video retargeting

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Sports video retargeting
With the proliferation of diverse multimedia terminals, the request for elegantly retargeting videos to different display devices is evident, especially in sports. This demonstration presents a Sports Video Retargeting(SVR) technique, that utilized domain based structure parsing to build a semantic importance map for video retargeting. The system enables flexible and coherent aspect-ratio change of the output sports videos with a spatial-temporal 3D rectilinear grid framework, which are free from significant loss of information or distortion on salient and important regions. Results in various sports type have shown that SVR is promising for content adaptation on mobile media. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.2.10 [Vision and Scene Understanding]: Video analysis General Terms Algorithms, Experimentation Keywords domain-based analysis, Video Retargeting
Liang Shi, Jinqiao Wang, Lingyu Duan, Hanqing Lu
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Type Conference
Year 2009
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Authors Liang Shi, Jinqiao Wang, Lingyu Duan, Hanqing Lu
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