Stochastic Model for Power Grid Dynamics

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Stochastic Model for Power Grid Dynamics
We introduce a stochastic model that describes the quasistatic dynamics of an electric transmission network under perturbations introduced by random load fluctuations, random removing of system components from service, random repair times for the failed components, and random response times to implement optimal system corrections for removing line overloads in a damaged or stressed transmission network. We use a linear approximation to the network flow equations and apply linear programming techniques that optimize the dispatching of generators and loads in order to eliminate the network overloads associated with a damaged system. We also provide a simple model for the operator’s response to various contingency events that is not always optimal due to either failure of the state estimation system or due to the incorrect subjective assessment of the severity associated with these events. This further allows us to use a game theoretic framework for casting the optimization of the op...
Marian Anghel, Kenneth A. Werley, Adilson E. Motte
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Marian Anghel, Kenneth A. Werley, Adilson E. Motter
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