Strategy recommender agents (ALEX) - the methodology

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Strategy recommender agents (ALEX) - the methodology
Agents for Alignment into strategy Experience (ALEX agents), a type of recommender agent (RA), are proposed here as a means of helping employees to perform tasks in line with the strategy adopted by their particular organization. Such an organization is represented in this approach by Fuzzified Strategic Maps (FSMs). Collaborative filtering (CF), opinion based filtering (OBF) and a Human Values Scale (HVS) are used in the ALEX-based approach to interpret the organization's strategy and actions aligned with it. ALEX agents can send messages to their users (the employees) to guide them towards meeting organizational aims aligned with that strategy and with the behavior of the organization's other employees or recommender agents. A reallife example using members of a research group in a European university is presented. General Terms Management, Measurement, Performance, Design, Economics, Human Factors. Keywords Recommender agents, Performance management, Fuzzified Strategic M...
Ronald Uriel Ruiz Ordóñez, Josep Llu
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ATAL
Authors Ronald Uriel Ruiz Ordóñez, Josep Lluís de la Rosa, Javier Guzmán-Obando
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