Strong types for relational databases

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Strong types for relational databases
Haskell’s type system with multi-parameter constructor classes and functional dependencies allows static (compile-time) computations to be expressed by logic programming on the level of types. This emergent capability has been exploited for instance to model arbitrary-length tuples (heterogeneous lists), extensible records, functions with variable length argument lists, and (homogenous) lists of statically fixed length (vectors). We explain how type-level programming can be exploited to define a strongly-typed model of relational databases and operations on them. In particular, we present a strongly typed embedding of a significant subset of SQL in Haskell. In this model, meta-data is represented by type-level entities that guard the semantic correctness of database operations at compile time. Apart from the standard relational database operations, such as selection and join, we model functional dependencies (among table attributes), normal forms, and operations for database tran...
Alexandra Silva, Joost Visser
Added 13 Jun 2010
Updated 13 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Alexandra Silva, Joost Visser
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